A Stupid Little Blog To Help Reset My Brain

I’m finally dusting off the part of my brain that’s writes stories down, but it needs a little jump start so let’s write a stupid little blog.

You’ve were warned and you clicked it anyway. This is really just fingering a keyboard with the intent of words being on a screen. No logic or point or reason, just words. And so much for that right now…

I just built a coffee — something I don’t really do too often anymore, I now snort crushed up zero calorie caffeine pills — and discover there is not sickly sweet sugary vanilla creamer. I have vanilla MCT oil and some sugar free caramel stuff, but neither is good option for coffee. At least, not this cup coffee. This is one of those I need to think about shit cups of coffee and it’s ruined by a lack of creamer.

At first, when I realized there was no creamer in the fridge, I didn’t panic. I played it cool, after all, I have powder creamer for just such an emergency. At least, I used to.

So here I am with a cup of dark black coffee — the kind that comes in a bug with a skull on it — with no creamer, no powder, no milk even. So fuck all of this bullshit for right now…

I told you the blog was going to stupid.

Some people ask me why I use anime pictures as featured images on my blogs. My answer is, I don’t have to tell you. And you should probably know, I didn’t proofread this.