Blog: Don’t Call It A Comeback

It’s been an interesting ride to here and we aren’t fucking done yet. The Johnny Whitetrash Show: Season 5 has officially started, but what the fuck does that mean? Truth is I don’t really know. I woke up one day and realized I had to simplify the work load. It made more sense to do one podcast a few times a week than it did to do four podcasts once a week. At least to me. Let’s face it, The Available In ADHD Show and The Johnny Whitetrash Show were basically the same thing. The DooM podcast failed and That ’90s Show, as fun as it was, can easily be incorporated into the main show.

I guess the only real debate was between focusing on The Johnny Whitetrash Show or The Available In ADHD Show. The reason I picked The Johnny Whitetrash Show was simple and really just came down to search results. And you know what? Fuck all this for right now…

I’ll write better blogs in the future as well as revisit old shit I wrote. As far as what’s happening for the podcast, I’ll import all the old episodes to this side. Probably a season at a time. And fuck all that for right now too.