Instead Of Working On New Projects, I’m Going To Write This About Starting New Projects

What do you do when you have too many different ideas in your head? I write a blog about them so people can criticize me for whatever ideas I end up not following through on. So before I watch some black and white movies, research dolphins, and start making E3 predictions, I should fist fuck the keyboard until I have a plan.

The first thing I had to do was turn off the vlog I had running as background noise. I should have known better. The soundtrack to this blog is now the deluxe version of the new Gorillaz album, Humanz. Once I start writing fiction, I’ll switch to something instrumental. Possibly the Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrack, or the new DooM soundtrack. Talking about a game that came out a little over a year ago and I still call it new. To be fair, there are two games named DooM, and I’m talking about the newer one. Not that I really need to justify that to you.

Mad Max: Fury Road is part of one of the projects I want to work. I have a couple of think piece style blogs I want to write. They’re pretty low on my priority list, but they are still on the list. Straight up non-fiction writing is currently taking a backseat to fiction writing, which hasn’t started yet, but whatever. I think the best plan of attack is to work on the main piece of fiction — I know I had a secret project name for it, but I can’t remember what it is right now — while taking breaks to work on a serious of short stories based on Demon Vikings From Newfoundland. Speaking of which, I have come to the decision to not release it in its current state. Or maybe I should say, I’ll release the original version for free around the same time I release what I’m currently referring to as the Director’s Cut. I also have three other ideas for short stories that take place in the same universe. I haven’t decided yet between releasing them as short stories or as a collection of short stories. Who knows? Maybe both. I’m ending this paragraph for no other reason than this paragraph seems a little long.

What I’m trying to say is, I need to work on my writing. Slay the word beast. I stole that saying from a picture Molly Crabapple drew for Warren Ellis. I wonder if she still sells prints.

A quick Google search has revealed two things: 1) It is sold out. 2) I quoted it wrong. I don’t even fell bad.  And so much for that right now…

I would start working on my fiction immediately, but I write better at night. It’s confirmed. I do better recording during the day and better writing at night. You can doubt me if you wish, but I don’t give a fuck what you think. That was combative for no reason, so I’m going to switch topics, but before I do, my proof is I’m writing this during the day, and I recorded a podcast last night. I think both are good, but not my best.

I’m also spending an decent amount of time on a video project I’m editing. Yes, this is the Big Brother LARPing video that you may have heard me talking about on the podcasts or the vlogs. It has woken up the inner reality TV producer I didn’t know lived in me. There is another Big Brother day planned and I’ve been working on a proper shooting schedule. Notice I didn’t call it a script, but I could see getting a few friends together and working on more scripted style projects. Who knows, right?

It also has me slightly doubting my current weekly vlog format. Part of the original plan was to avoid the jump cuts that every other vlogger uses. The joy of the project is more about the creating than the editing or the reactions. And so much for that right now…

I started a new gaming series on YouTube and Vidme. I mean it’s not really new, I’m just playing video games sometimes. The only reason it’s even getting a mention is because I’ve decide to not post the videos here. I don’t know why not. The vlogs get posted here. Who knows? If someone tells me they want them posted to website, then I’ll fucking do it. I ain’t no goddamn son of a bitch. You better think about it, baby. Yep, random Misfits quote. I think it’s time to work on something else.

I just realized that the song I was listening to has been on repeat. Not the album, just the one song. Saturnz Bars (feat. Popcaan) if you were wondering. I like it.

I’m making fish and chips for supper tonight because I have McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sauce.

I’m treating myself to a sugar free Red Bull.

Time to write the introduction.

Yes, I wrote the first paragraph last.