Planning My Week Through Blogging

It’s Monday morning and I’m out of Alpha Brain, listening to something called dungeon synth, and trying to plan the rest of my week. It’s not going as well as I hoped, but at least it’s not raining.

I need to invest in a screen door. I usually leave the back door open when I let the dogs out because I like the breeze and the outside noises. The problem is insects. The type of problem that could be solved by a screen door. The problem is someone would have to install it, and that asshole still hasn’t installed my truck stereo. Yes, I am the asshole. I don’t consider myself lazy, but I do have to admit sometimes my priorities are a little off. For example, I released three episodes of my podcast last week, but didn’t mow the lawn. I don’t even feel bad.

I think most of this week will be spent doing “research” and working on the Untitled Ambient Album from DJ Fist Fuck. I thought the album was going to be a joke I whipped together in an afternoon. Create a few ambient tracks and throw it up on Bandcamp to compliment the DJ Fist Fuck t-shirts, which are available at our new t-shirt shop. Now, I think it’s time to kind of reboot DJ Fist Fuck, and I don’t plan on giving anymore details than that at this time. Mainly because I don’t want to commit to too much for right now, but the ambient album is coming soon… ish. I don’t know if it’s really going to be ambient as much as it’s going to be an collection of strange music ideas I have. However, we all know that having an idea is the easy part. Putting the ideas into practice, on the other hand, takes more, what’s the word, perseverance? Sounds like the right word.

Research? Yes, research. I’m doing research right now. I’m watching last night’s Money In The Bank. I don’t know if they’re still called Pay Per Views, but who gives a fuck about that right now? I have to admit I don’t watch wrestling as much as I should, but I do my best to catch all the PPVs. I mean I am on a wrestling podcast, after all. Baron Corbin just interrupted Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance. That’s probably going to piss Pain off. Actually, it pisses me off too. I have no love for Baron Corbin and his basic white girl tattoos. And so much for that right now… I guess you all just have to tune in to Beyond The Gimmick to hear about that.

I recently played Wolfenstein: The New Order from start to finish and am currently playing The Evil Within. Research. I think I’m going to play Bioshock next. Research.

I used to try to give projects I was working on code names. The problem is I forget the code names. I know Demon Vikings From Newfoundland Director’s Cut had a few different code names. So did Serial Killers Inc. and Demon Vikings Vs Nazi Zombies. Right now, I’m not making any promises about writing projects. I have a different approach I want to try with Serial Killers Inc. — which has become the working title, because I fell out of love with it as a title and Serial Killer Inc. is such a small part of the story now — that involves switching to a first person narrative of the main character. At least I think he’s the main character. I’m also thinking of working on an entirely different writing project for a minute. Something that can just flow out. Something I don’t have an ideas for yet. Maybe I’ll revisit Mini Mind Fucks.

I’m not paying as close attention to Money In The Bank as I should be.

I’ve just decided, no more code names. Every project I mention will get tagged in each blog I mention it in. If for no other reason than I can got back and figure out what went wrong. I’d also like to take this opportunity to say I am in no way committing to finishing any of the mentioned projects.  And so much for that right now…

The Tylenol kicked in. I had a headache for some reason this morning. I think it’s just a sign of being old.

Now that I’m thinking of going through all the blogs on this website and fixing the tags I should probably close the laptop. No point in getting bogged down in the things that only matter to me. And so much for the whole fucking thing right now…

I should be editing together the vlog I didn’t edit last night. I should be editing the Big Brother project. I should be mowing the lawn. I should be installing the stereo in my truck. I should be playing Evil Within. I should be writing the next chapter of Demon Vikings From Newfoundland. I should be generating melodic drones in Ableton Live. I should be putting together a playlists for Pirate Radio & Chill. I should be chopping up audio for the next Can’t Dance To It Mixtape. I should be doing yoga.

Baron Corbin just won Money In The Bank. I’m done. I’m so fucking done.

I’m thinking of making a dramatic change to the way I ingest podcasts, and I don’t need a better transition than that. I usually listen to podcasts at 2x speed so I listen to about 80 hours of content in 40 hours of work. I’m thinking of going back to listening at normal speed and incorporating some music podcasts. The problem with getting used to listening high speed audio is normal speed audio sounds slow and boring. At least at first. I know I could get used to it. And fuck the whole thing for right now…

I’ve got three good hours of usable time before I go to work, and I got shit to do.