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Turns out, we’re too old to riot.

EPISODE 160: A weird experiment in voice over technology, results may vary.

Well folks, we did it. Clint and I did live commentary over the game awards. It was a weird experience, but here we are. For good or ill, it has been recorded. Spoilers: PUBG doesn’t win game of the year and we don’t riot.

Next time we do something like this, I think we will livestream the video. So there’s that.

UPDATE: I had to reupload the audio and the video is now going to be a static image… for now. I might be able to make this video work one day, but my video editing software is being dumb. Or maybe I’m dumb for not knowing how to use it properly.

ANOTHER UPDATE: After a few failed renders and a couple of failed uploadeds, the video is finally uploaded.

FINAL UPDATE: The video hasn’t even finished processing on YouTube, and it’s blocked in all countries. What’s weird is that the video has 3 claims by the WWE, but I don’t remember any WWE content from the game awards. Anyway, I might be able to put more time into it and figure it out, but I don’t think there’s enough interest in the video version to justify the amount of time I’ve been putting in. I did file a claim though, and if it doesn’t go through then I’ll black out the offending sections and upload it again. Yes, I did just talk myself out of and then back into reuploading the video again.